S+ SeqTrial


S+SeqTrial is an S-PLUS software library for designing, monitoring, and analyzing clinical trials using group sequential methods. In a classical fixed sample design, the sample size is set in advance of collecting any data. In sequential design, data are monitored throughout the collection, and the data may be analyzed after a block of data is accrued. This is especially beneficial if electronic data capture (EDC) methods are used for data collection.


Key Benefits

  • Reduced clinical trial costs using group sequential methods
  • Improved study design and comprehensive design and evaluation tools
  • Flexible monitoring methods
  • Advanced visualization tools for analyzing and interpreting results


Featured List and System Requirements:

Improved Study Design

  • Reduce costs and bring drugs to market sooner with sequential studies
  • Interactive interface makes it easy to explore tradeoffs between designs

Comprehensive Design and Evaluation Tools

  • Sequential designs in unified family of Kittelson and Emerson, including all commonly used group sequential designs
  • Family of designs based on error spending function of Lan and DeMets
  • Comprehensive evaluation tools, including power, conditional power, sample size distribution, inference at the boundaries, and Bayesian analyses

Completely Extensible

  • Powerful S language for extending functionality to fit your needs; from small to large projects, from simple to complex analyses

Flexible Monitoring Methods

  • Implementation of stopping rules based on error spending functions or constrained boundaries

Easily Analyze and Interpret Your Results

  • Exact p-values
  • Exact confidence intervals
  • Bias adjusted estimates of treatment effect

Easy to Learn

  • State-of-the art GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Documentation designed for the clinical trialist
  • Fully integrated with S-PLUS data analysis software

Advanced Visualization Tools

  • Comprehensive set of specialized plots for designing studies, including power curves, ASN (average sample size) curves, and stopping probabilities
  • Trellis graphics for powerful and effective comparison of designs

Powerful Validation Techniques

  • Results validated against standard designs in the group sequential literature

S+SeqTrial System Requirements

  • S+SeqTrial Module
  • S-PLUS® 2000 or S-PLUS 8.x for Windows

Supported Platforms

  • Microsoft® Windows only